Global Marketing & Product Incubation

Grow Your Business With ANNI

ANNI is an incubation company that continues to develop new markets around the world by developing products that have absolute advantages over the competition.

Our Products

One And Only

ANNI products are all unique products that differentiate it from other companies in the same industry. Therefore, it does not get involved in price competition and brings abundant profits to the company.

Bedding Equipment and Other Consumer Products

Sleep is an vital to our physical and mental health. Getting information from a global perspective, we plan, develop, manufacture and sell high quality sleep supporting bedding equipments and other consumer products that suit different users.

Car Care and Maintenance Products

It is the sole distributor in Japan of the engine oil additive "MotorUP" from the United States. In 2021, the world's first "MotorUP Reboot" with an engine repair warranty was released. As an epoch-making product, it is attracting attention in the automobile supplies industry.

Call Center Planning and Management

As a call center commissioned by the Japan Committee for UNICEF, we provide marketing support for support activities to save children around the world. Our strength is multilingual support in each language.

Work Process

5 Steps for Success

A detailed marketing strategy is essential for a successful business. For product development, please contact ANNI, which has a wealth of knowledge and experience.



Market Analysis

Identify strengths and weaknesses of product and clarify differentiation points.




We will divide and group markets in order to find the best market for product.




From the segments, select group in which product has strengths.




Within that segment, we will establish a position that no other company can imitate.



Marketing Mix (4P)

Plan measures from the perspectives of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

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About Us

Company Profile

ANNI was born on the mission of utilizing AI technology for marketing.

  • Company Name: ANNI KK
  • Phone: +81-120-006506
  • Established: September 2017
  • Capital: 10,000,000 yen
  • Representative Director: Kyle Burns
  • History:
    2017 September : Company founded in Shibakoen
    2019 November: Company moved to Toranomon
    2019 December: Company obtained contract with "Japan Committee for UNICEF" for call center services
    2020 November: Acquired all business rights for automobile oil treatment "MotorUP"